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But his findings were inconclusive, despite his plea for a thorough investigation. A couple of months later, and after the release of Zero Dark Thirty, he was called to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the CIA’s use of torture. On May 20th, 2014, when the Senate Intelligence Committee was drafting its report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program, Feinstein wrote a letter to then-Director of the CIA, John Brennan, requesting that the agency disclose all of its still-classified interrogation tapes. She further requested that the agency make these tapes available to the Committee for its review. In September, it was revealed that the CIA had in fact destroyed 92 tapes of the interrogations. “You know we didn’t do it,” he wrote, adding, “We’ve been doing a great job, if you want to know the truth.” Obama refused to read the book, which became an instant best seller. In a statement to the magazine, the White House said: “The president has asked that we not comment, but it’s important to underscore that the president neither agrees nor disagrees with this portrayal of the character of the presidency. Tribe said as the campaign continues, he will continue to engage with the country.” The article did not disclose any other details about the Trump administration’s objection to the recount. This is the latest example of the president attacking a key senator as “ weak ” and “totally controlled by the Democrats.” “ This isn’t a shot across the bow,” said Tribe. “ The third estate is not going to go away.” He said he will likely be out in Connecticut on Monday when Trump is there. “ I’m going to be in New Haven and there are other places,” he said. “ He doesn’t like anything negative coming out of the White House or his own Cabinet,” Tribe said. “ If it’s not a positive thing, he’s not going to say anything about it.” The website is to be launched around December and is expected to have an Alexa score of around 500. This is expected to be the highest ranking for any Romanian website on the list. The site will be present in five languages and is expected to be used by Romanian users and around 5, ac619d1d87

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